For a Friend!

Why wont you talk to me? I don’t understand it! I am torn, broken, and let down. This is not a good way to treat a “FRIEND”, I don’t know how i can be a friend if you wont even let me try. It is just not fair! You know what all I have done was tear what was once a great relationship to nothing but a thought all because of my actions. I hope that one day you will realize “no matter who your with or what your doing I will always and forever be your friend.” Have hope and faith in everything you do and always remember where your heart lies. Be safe best friend and stay strong! :) 

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Just so you know I am in love with a NERD! :) And i love her bunches!


when art suddenly emerges.

Why am I, as a citizen of the United States of America, asked to be like everyone else when all I want to be is me?  It’s not fair to be boring to impress a boss or something. I am me and not anyone else. sorry not sorry! 

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